"From Marnie to Monster" creative fashion show by Fox and Shriek

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Newcastle based fashion house, Fox and Shriek, presented their newest collection "From Marnie to Monster" at the City Tavern on the 17th of July 2014....and what a wonder it was!
From the eerie looking crow, (aptly named Mr. Hitchcock) sitting on the catwalk to the magnificently printed textiles designed by Paul Shriek himself, the show gave onlookers an insight into the majestic minds of this unstoppable pair.
The silhouettes were feminine and powerful. The hair? ...electric. Their was a strong current of femme fatale to their woman, which oozed from each of the models as they chass├ęd around the tables and bar handing out flyers from the show, some orchestrating marionettes and using the audience as their stage. The most interesting of the muses was a woman dressed in entirely in black and surrounded by feathers, she expertly danced her way along the catwalk and around the audience.
Now where to begin with the clothes....?
Personally, the print designs made it for me. There was such a variety appearing in each of the pieces, from a collage of jean pockets to turquoise leopard print and even their own signatures. The textiles were placed on the garments in such a way that not only did it flatter the figure, but it became a stand out item of clothing that could have been fresh from London Fashion Week.
My personal favourite? the turquoise leopard print on chiffon exquisitely pleated into a skirt.
Their were zips and corsetry galore on almost every garment. Paul Shriek really gave the women in the audience a lot to covet, offering every shape of skirt, jacket and bustier in a range of fabrics, including his own prints, PVC and denims.
There was something to tempt the Hitchcock in us all.

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